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Russian DeFRaG Community

Mod Version REQUIRED For Valid Demos : v1.9 (not newer !)

Black Shadows homepage

Our clan.
Progressive trickjumping and other quake 3 stuff.
Maps, skins, tonns of demos with q3 tricks.

2k5 xmas present

!!! defrag v1.91 demos ARE NOT ALLOWED !!!
BTW !!! Make sure that u r using
the new email address for sending us ur demos !!!

Tables of best demos on our maps. (Top 5)

Last updated on 11 June 2005
45 new demos
0 new maps
1 map is still in progress

Grenade Launcher training (1 map)

Rocket Launcher training (6 maps)

Plasmagun training (6 maps)

BFG training (2 maps)

Jumppads training (1 map)

Accuracy (3 maps)

RUN MAPS 1 (6 maps)

RUN MAPS 2 (6 maps)

RUN MAPS 3 (5 maps)


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